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Andrew Ralph's Diamond Jewellers



One of a kind

You are one of a kind, your relationship is one of a kind so why not let the symbols of that relationship be equally as unique.

Ever & Ever

The Ever & Ever bridal collection offers the ultimate in completely customizable one of a kind bridal jewellery.

With this range, your imagination and our design expertise can produce the perfect engagement ring, wedding band, eternity ring or anniversary band. All complementing one another and all a unique reflection of you and your relationship.


Endless options

The Ever & Ever collection features 122 basic designs, 68 engagement rings and 54 bands. There are 1000's of variations making your design a perfect reflection of your personal style. By varying stone shape and size, setting and metal quality each design can be customized to suit every taste or budget. Even the finest of details can be changed to suit your personality and preference.

How it all works

The Ever & Ever range features 68 Engagement Ring basic designs that can be combined with numerous settings to form a Mount. Some mounts have small diamonds as part of the setting and the mount can be of numerous precious metals in various colours to which your chosen centre stone, or stones, is then added to complete the ring. Centre diamonds can start from $950.


Let us help

Visit us instore, so we can guide you through the available options to help you create your unique piece. An individual design that will mean so much more than from the mass produced ring market.